The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – How to Fight Against all Enemies and Loot Items ItemsGuide

In the vast world of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt you will encountered by larger numbers of enemies – Humans, Wild Bests, Deadly Monsters, some infected and also very powerful magic. You can only defend yourself if you are prepared enough with the equipment, create right potions and oils for any encounter and also improve your basic fighting skills.

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How to fight against all Enemies and Loot Items:

Below we have the full list of all enemies, which you will slay in the game. Here in the guide you will know how you can defeat your enemies easily and also the Loot Items Itemswhich you can get from them.


  • Loot Items: Weapons, Gear and Currency

How to Fight:

Humans will fight with sword, bows and crossbows, with the armor which protects him for serious damage. If you fight recklessly, you will be dead in no time. Use one handed weapon against them, also try to counter melee strikes, which will throw them off balance, and you will be able to strike heavy attacks. You cannot parry attacks of any enemy with two handed weapons. But dodge only. Enemies with the shield, can be hard, wait for their strike, dodge it and attack then, you attack are useless, until you flanked them. Also don’t get hit by their Shield bashes attacks, which will stun you.

The Wild Hunt

  • Loot Items: Weapons and Gears

How to Fight:

Just like humans , they are equipped with the heavy armor, but they attack quickly, your basic attacks do little damage to them, using IGNI against the Wild Hunts are very effective. Improve your dodging skill.


  • Loot Items: Bear Fat, Bear Pelt, White Bear Pelt and Raw Meat

How to Fight:

While you are encounter by a near Bear (Brown Bear, Black Bear, Polar Bear or Cave Bear), you need to dodge his every single attacks, because with their massive strength to do a serious damage. Do not try to exchange blows with a bear. Use IGNI often, it stuns the bear and Yrden makes it slow, so you can easily dodge its attacks. During fight when dear stands on its legs, he will smashs the ground, make your distance from him.


  • Loot Items: Dog Tallow and Raw Meat

How to Fight:

Wild dog moves in packs of three or more, they are fast enough to catch you from the back, use AARD against them to push back so you can make your move. Yrden can be good but not enough.


  • Loot Items: Wolf Pelt, White Wolf Pelt, Wolf Liver, Dog Tallow and Raw Meat

How to Fight:

Wolves are also move in pack, surrounding their enemy and attacks from all around. Highest level wolf is the leader of its pack and are occasionally a warg as opposed to a regular wolf. Use IGNI and AARD against them, so you can attack easily also it will gives you time to recover stamina or gain control of fight.


  • Loot Items: Bear Fat, Berserker Pelt, Raw Meat

How To Fight:

You will face this beast during the King’s Gambit quest-line in human form. So your fight start as against the humans, do what you have learn against humans. Use your steel swords and hanged man’s oil do well against them. Once they have transferred in bear form, use your skills that you learned against bears. Manage to dodge their attacks no matter what, use IGNI against them and if you have melt armor enhancement, be sure to activate it.

Ulfhedinn and Werewolf

  • Loot Items: Werewolf Pelt, Werewolf Saliva and Werewolf Mutagen

How to Fight:

Ulfhedinn are fast and lethat, they can charge on your from the distance. You can use Yrden to avoid their attacks. You have to response quickly for dodge, parry and counter attacks. Also look for open space to fight against them.

Use IGNI to stun them and do some critical strikes. On the other hand you can use fire, bleeding and poison to slow regeneration of health. You can also use explosive arrows for fire damage. One more thing during the fight look for the dual overhand claw swipe, you can’t parry this attack. They got increase attack speed and strength near death, so be careful.


  • Loot Items: Necrophage Skin and Rotting Meat

How to Fight:

This creature will appear while helping the Bloody Baron deal with his Family Matters. As the fight start, it changes to a ghoul-ish and fights similarly. You can easily parry and counter his attacks to kill it fast. Dealing damage to it, he becomes enraged. While enraged he will regenerate his health and if you attack during this time you will take damage from spikes. Using AXII against it is very effective, while in AXII area, his regeneration will also cut off.


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