The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Scavenger Hunt Quests and Witcher’s Enhanced, Superior, Mastercrafted Gears Locations Guide

Scavenger Hunts are the additional quests that you can start by finding any clue or the diagrams for the specific Scavenger Hunt. To complete theses hunts you need find specific amount of diagrams for each hunt. Completing these hunts will gives you some very useful items as well as some very powerful Witcher Gears.

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Below we have listed all the Scavenger Hunts quest, that you can find in the game with the complete guide of locations and detail.

Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear

This quest can be during Main Quest: Lilac and Gooseberries. It begins when you find any of the diagrams listed below.

  • Locations: Ransacked Village, Ruined Watchtower, Mill, White Orchard Cemetery
  • Characters: Witcher Kolgrim

Near the Ransacked Village located at the east of White Orchard, go to the side to the west, toward a watchtower. Near tower you will find a fallen brick wall, go up until you reach on a wooden floor. Slay the enemies and enter the tower. Check the floor for some Angrily Scrawled Notes and a chest with the diagram inside, and a report. its a Serpentine Steel Sword diagram.


  • Find diagrams for all the elements of Viper School gear
  • Read the report
  • Find Kolgrim’s remains

now read the notes and report. The note references a camp, mentions “that old mill”. You can find the mill across the river from Woesong Bridge . Travel there and take the road heading north. The road ends a White Orchard Cemetery. Destroy chapel door with Aard.


  • Find diagrams for all the elements of Viper School gear

Descend into the crypt under the chapel. Check the area for a prized chest and a number of corpses. Gather the diagram and letter. Read it. Your first Scavenger hunt is done.

Scavenger Hunt: Griffin School Gear

This quest can be started at any time after Act I: Main Quest – The Nilfgaardian Connection. It begins when you find any of the diagrams listed below.


  • Find all the diagrams to the Griffin School witcher gear

Kolgrim mentioned he was in Velen. The castle is on the east of the Border Post, on the Pontar River a fortification known as Hindhold. Go to this imposing stone structure, slay all enemies and enter. Climb up all the way to the wooden fortress roof. Continue clockwise, passing the wooden scaffold and ladder, you will fidn a skeletal remains on upper level, destroy the wooden door with Aard. Inside you will find Kolgrim’s remaining diagrams and a letter. This scavenger hunt begins anew! search the area and loot everything you can find there.


  • Find all the diagrams to the Griffin School witcher gear
  • Search the ruins of the fortress by the lighthouse

read the letter and you will find two clues: a “lighthouse” and the tomb of a witcher, on “Crookback Hills”, and a “dragon”. Sounds interesting.

The lighthouse first. its on the northwestern side of Velen. Once you are there you can locate a Place of power there, not so hard to find, now dive from here, go to the east side ti find a cave. Swim under, follow the path and you will fidn a island. There’s a treasure chest with a diagram . Find the flat topped rocks to climb up and a stone ladder up to a small storage room with hay mattresses.

Now you can see the wooden steps which leads you to more diagrams and pages, after collecting them turn the bridge wheel to lower, at end you can see a ladder to right, go up and find your diagram, loot everything else you can find and go down. one at wooden spiral steps and into the lighthouse. Climb the interior ladders all the way to the floor to find a Dobromir’s journal. you are done here. Now lets find the renaming diagrams.


  • Find all the diagrams to the Griffin School gear
  • Search witcher George’s grave

Now your next location is Dragonslayer’s Grotto, located to the northwest of Downwarren and west of Reardon Manor. Entrance can be little bit hard to find because its hidden in the woods, across forest and hills, you can use witcher sense to uncover the mark of the witcher’s wolf Sign at entrance. Enter and slay all enemies, go to the north down narrow passage, use Aard on the wall to break it. Venture into the more natural cavern, heading east and south along the tunnel, and use Aard at the blocked way. Here you will fight with the ekimmara, slay it.

After defeating, go up the stone steps, until you find the stone tomb of witcher George. Here you will find all remaining diagrams for the Griffin School. Also you will find George’s journal here which has his thoughts written regarding a green dragon and peasants taking refuge in elven ruins.


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