Assassin’s Creed Origins – How To Race

As soon as you reach the village of Kanopos, you gain access to the Lageion Hippodrome, located at the center of the village, where chariot races test your racing ability. Here you compete in a series of tournaments against five rivals and time trials against the clock.

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Begin by selecting the tutorial from the Tournaments menu to learn drifting, boosting, building stamina, drafting, trampling, climbing back into the chariot, bracing against a rival’s hit, and ramming.

  • Territory: Kanopos Nome
  • Total: 4 Tournaments, 4 Time Trialst
  • Objective: Win The Race
  • XP Reward: 150 Per Race

Things Should Keep in Mind:

Accelerate by holding the Heavy Attack button. You should hold this for most of the race. Occasionally, you may want to let up to allow an opponent to catch up or for a really tight turn.

Steer with the left stick. Stick to the dark, well-trodden path on the track, as boost charges faster in this area.

Boost by holding down the Interaction button. A meter in the middle of the screen indicates available boost; once depleted, you are unable to gain the extra speed. Use this to get up to speed after a turn or after an incident with your rivals. Boost down the straightaways if possible to get the full effect and stick to the dark path to build the meter faster. Drafting also helps build the meter.

Draft your rivals. The closer you are behind an opponent, the faster your boost charges. It can be a disadvantage to run up front, since a rider can use a good draft to pass at the final turn. Attempt a block if you do lead out of a turn.

In the turns, hold the Dodge button to drift around the corner. Keep the accelerator down throughout if possible to get a good run out the other side.

Destroy opponents’ chariots. Health bars indicate the “health” of each cart. Once depleted, the racer is eliminated; this includes your own ride, so be careful. If your chariot is destroyed, you do not score in the race and must retry to proceed.

Trample your foes by riding up on their heels and holding the Grab Ledge button. This damages your opponent’s chariot, though it does slow you down significantly.

Ram rivals by pulling alongside them and pressing the Grab Ledge button. This can damage your opponents but mostly knocks them off course.  If you are knocked out of the chariot, mash on the Parkour Interaction button to claw back into it.

You can brace alongside a rival by holding the Shield Mode button. This allows you to take an impact from an opponent’s attack. Depending on the race, obstacles may litter the course. Horses bust through the objects with ease, but it is best to avoid them altogether.

Avoid obstacles, as there is always a chance of being knocked out of your chariot. This includes the scaffolding that often surrounds a turn or pillar.

Take the turns as close to the inside as possible without touching the barrier, being careful not to drift too far out. Start a drift just before the turn from the middle of the track and cut the corner.

Fire is extinguished by boosting. It eats through the “health” of your chariot, so it’s best to avoid it, but be ready for an immediate boost when catching on fire seems unavoidable. Place two horses just off the dark path to avoid most damage from the fire that spews from the brazier.

Watch out for horses that have lost their rider, as they act like additional obstacles. Bumping into them slows your horses down just as any other object.


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