Fallout 4 – All Random Encounters Detail

There are large numbers of random encounters based on your location, quest choices and even on companion choices. These encounters can occur anytime and they are totally random.

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All random Encounters:

Here is the list of all Random Encounters, which you will face in Fallout 4, there are 8 different types of Encounters listed below with the details.

Static Encounters

Static Encounters occur in a specific areas of Commonwealth.

Deceased Fellow

  • Detail: You chance upon a dead guy. Check his pockets for a note mentioning treasure in a [random] location.

Raiders versus Farmers

  • Detail: A farmer runs to ask for help as you witness a fracas.

Wounded Dog

  • Detail: Why not patch this dog up and name her? Later on, she might appear to help you.

Mole Rat Ambush

  • Detail: Whack those pesky mutations when they pop out of their holes.

Dead Meat

  • Detail: A dead Brahmin, Yao Guai, or other carcass you can loot.

Wild Pack of Dogs

  • Detail: During an exploration, you chance upon a resting pack of dogs.

Gene the Reluctant Dog Vendor

  • Detail: Buy a dog by using Charisma from your own settlement’s workshop.

Super Mutants and Prisoner

  • Detail: Free the victim from a raiding party of greenskins.

Deathclaws Duel

  • Detail: Two of these powerful beasts are battling.

Vicious Dogs and Farmer

  • Detail: Three vicious dogs are attacking a farmer ill-equipped to defend himself.

Traveling Vault Merchant

  • Detail: Reveal the vault location by talking to a guard.

Raiders and the Pink Paste

  • Detail: A dead Raider or two have some strange paste on them. Apparently this came from Suffolk County Charter School. Why not visit there?

You’ve Got Crabs

  • Detail: Mirelurks occasionally scuttle around and ambush you. Time to crack a few shells.

The Postman

  • Detail: Despicable foes have slain this postman, who has letters you can read. Some reveal locations to explore.

Stingwing versus Radscorpion

  • Detail: Two examples of mutated wildlife aren’t getting along.

Pickman’s Prey

  • Detail: A pile of dead Raiders, evocatively staged, each marked with a strange calling card, and the location of Pickman Gallery.

Vertibird versus Raiders

  • Detail: If the Prydwen has arrived, and the Brotherhood of Steel are active, expect death to Raiders from above before the craft heads back to Boston Airport.

Vertibird Patrol Drop

  • Detail: If the Prydwen has arrived, and the Brotherhood of Steel are active, expect two Brotherhood of Steel soldiers, or a soldier and scribe, to be dropped off.

Super Mutant Raiding Party

  • Detail: kill the greenskins party and check their leader’s corpse for a note.

Roving Eyebot

  • Detail: A still-functioning Eyebot plays a verbal advertisement for job openings as the Cambridge Polymer Labs. Why not head there?

Unfriendly Deathclaws

  • Detail: Occasionally you stumble into the frighteningly sharp fangs and claws of a roaming Deathclaw.

The Return of Manta Man!

  • Detail: An amateurish superhero is seen fighting Mole Rats, or a variety of enemies. Usually badly. He’s no Silver Shroud, though he only appears after you finish Side Quest: The Silver Shroud.

Jack Is Back

  • Detail: If you sided with Jack Cabot during Side Quest: The Secret of Cabot House, you’ll find him with Edward Deegan and can sell him items he requires.

Lorenzo Is Undying

  • Detail: If you sided with Lorenzo Cabot during Side Quest: The Secret of Cabot House, you’ll find him investigating dead Ghouls. How pleasant.

Vault 81 Dead Dweller

  • Detail: One example of how living underground extends your life is when you encounter a dead vault dweller with a note for Vault 81 and a mention of Doctor Penske.

Mutant Hound versus Yao Guai

  • Detail: Two brawling and sinewy animal mutations take a distinct dislike for one another.

Bloated Animal Corpse

  • Detail: A dead Radstag Doe, Yao Guai, or Brahmin is feeding a few Bloatflies, Bloodbugs, or Radroaches.

Super Mutant versus Stingwings

  • Detail: Can a green skin and his hound survive a nasty sting or two? You’re about to find out.

Feral Ghoul Ambush

  • Detail: A dead farmer and Brahmin are decoys for a Feral Ghoul, who lies in wait to pounce on anyone investigating.

Resting Radstags

  • Detail: Two Radstags are snoozing in a wilderness location. Unless you arrive and make noise.

Eyebot Advertisement

  • Detail: An Eyebot still outputs prewar advertising.

Two Faces. One Synth

  • Detail: You stumble into two men with the same face. Each claims the other is a synth. Who do you believe?

Fluid Encounters

These encounters can be occurring anywhere and their location is not pinpointed.

Smiling Larry

  • Detail: Have you bought anything from this trader? His two guards look tough. But if you’ve built a Level 3 Weapons Store at one of your settlements, you can offer to have him come live at any of your workshop locations.

Mister Gutsy

  • Detail: A Mister Gutsy is on patrol, looking for Chinese infiltrators.

Workshop Armor Vendor

  • Detail: Are your workshops impressive enough? If they aren’t, hire this chap. But if you have built a Level 3 Armor Store at one of your settlements, you can offer to have him come live at any of your workshop locations.

Brotherhood of Steel versus Raiders

  • Detail: If the Prydwen has arrived, these two factions encounter each other. Diplomatic relations are strained to nonexistent.

Brotherhood of Steel versus Deathclaw

  • Detail: If the Prydwen has arrived, three Brotherhood of Steel scouts find themselves facing an apex predator.

The Gossiping Trader

  • Detail: Chance upon a trader who has some pertinent rumors regarding the some primary locations across the Commonwealth.

Super Mutants versus Raiders

  • Detail: These two factions are constantly battling for territory. Usually, though, the territory is a stronghold and not out in the open.

Deathclaw Hunting

  • Detail: My, that’s a big-clawed, scaly beast you’ve inadvertently stumbled into.

The Brahmin Vendor

  • Detail: Do you need a Brahmin for your workshop settlement? Then you’re in luck.

The Brahmin Farmer

  • Detail: A livestock farmer is making his way in the world.

Ness Encounter

  • Detail: You encounter a woman named Ness. For more information, consult Primary Location: Skylanes Flight 1981.

Radstag Herd

  • Detail: Up to four of these majestic, mutated beasts can be witnessed.

Preston Garvey

  • Detail: If you finished Minutemen Quest: When Freedom Calls, some chancer appears asking for a donation to the Minutemen. Pay up, refuse, or confront him.

Feral Ghoul Pack

  • Detail: You see a pack of frothing ferals.

Sated Radscorpion

  • Detail: A mutated wildlife encounter with these vicious stingers.

Dogs versus Mole Rats

  • Detail: A pack of dogs chasing a Mole Rat.

Revenge of the Forged

  • Detail: Complete Location Quest: Out of the Fire and you may be attacked by the Forged.

Bobbi’s Recruiter

  • Detail: You’re stopped and asked to help out in Goodneighbor; there’s a Ghoul named Bobbi who needs your help starting Side Quest: The Big Dig.

One Man and His Robot

  • Detail: Once Side Quest: The Big Dig is over, you may meet Mel again.

Swanson’s Revenge

  • Detail: Did you complete Side Quest: Human Error? Then you may have angered Swanson, who turns up all hot under the collar.

Vault 81 Prisoner

  • Detail: A group of Raiders are holding a vault dweller hostage. Can you help, and find out the vault’s location in the process?

Darla Goes Home

  • Detail: If you finished Main Quest: Unlikely Valentine and Darla isn’t dead, you may see her heading home.

Heading to Trinity Tower

  • Detail: Super Mutants are taking a prisoner to their highest stronghold. Side Quest: Curtain Call now begins.

The Exile

  • Detail: If Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Duty or Dishonor is complete, you may see Clarke fleeing from a group of Feral Ghouls.

Gruel’s Recipes

  • Detail: Did you kill a strange Raider with a chef’s hat on? Then check his corpse for some rare ingredients and recipes.

Escaped Synth

  • Detail: If the Institute is still active and Railroad Quest: Boston after Dark hasn’t been completed, you spot a synth in Institute janitorial attire who requests the location of Bunker Hill. Provide this information if you’ve discovered this location, or ask for Caps.

Radstags versus Dogs

  • Detail: An interesting conundrum: Which animal will be victorious?

Super Mutants versus Mister Gutsy

  • Detail: Can the greenskins overpower the pride of RobCo Industries?

Kat and Gus

  • Detail: A child merchant named Kat and her impressively dangerous protector Sentry Bot Gus are wandering the landscape.


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