The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Kaer Morhen’s All Secondary Quests Guide

There are total 6 secondary quests that you can get, during the second Act. You can complete these quests any time during the ACT II. Below you will find the full detailed guide for all of these quests.

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Secondary Quest: Bastion

You will start this from the keep, located at the west side of Kaer Morhen, but remember you will only complete this quest, when you will obtain magic lamp from Keira, during “Magic Lamp” (Secondary Quest).


  • Find a tool that might help you investigate the old bastion
  • Use Keira’s lamp to investigate the old bastion
  • Use Keira’s lamp to find out what happened to the boy

Now go to the keep, which is located to the west side of Kaer Morhen, you will see 4 wraiths there, after slaying them, use the Keira Metz’s magic lamp to see a glittering light. This will reveals the trials of a young boy. Now go to the bastion tower located to the southeast of the keep, after that go to the north across the battlements and then go to the north ruined tower. From all of 3 places you will find the bones of that small boy.

Again use lamp for fourth ghostly revelation and you will have get the boy’s remains item.


  • Pick up and bury the boy’s remains

Now go back down from battlements, and make your way to a small chamber, place boy;’s remains and burn them with the lamp. Here you will see the 5th conclusion to the boy’s life. This will complete the quest.

Secondary Quest: Berengar’s Blade


  • Read Berengar’s notes
  • Talk to Vesemir

In battlements of Kaer Morhen, locate an open iron barred arch which leads you to a quarter, where you will find some old papers written by Berengar, in a chest one of these quarters. If you read the notes which make reference to Vesemir, you can find him into the main fortress, go and speak to him. Listen to him and you next location is chort’s cave.


  • Head down river to chort’s cave
  • Kill the chort

To located the chort’s cave, go to the south, at a point when you need to go to the as you reach at east (following the path) downstream from here and go to the north, and you can see the cave close to tiny island.

Enter the cave and follow the path to the south and you will end up into a large area with the chort down. Now it’s time for a hard fight.


  • Look for a silver sword in the cave

After killing the beast, search the cave for the silver sword, “Tor’haerne” isn’t in this place. Gather the diagram to complete this quest.

Secondary Quest: Greenhouse Effect

Note: To complete this quest you need to obtain “Eye of Nehaleni” from the “Wandering in the Dark” (Main Quest).

For the quest go to south from Iron Mine towards the winding forest around to north, until you reach a lair of standing stones. Examine these stones of power and go inside the cave alcove, finding evidence of herb horticulture. While inside the cave you can see a rock blocking your way, use Eye of Nehaleni to remove it and loot the book and read how you can activate standing stones to change weather.

Now come back to the stones, here sue AARD into each stone and one of the stones is illuminated with AARD. Now use IGNI at 2 front stones and the weather changes slightly.

Also a chort come from portal, slay the beast. After that weather will stabilizes and a variety of exotic and rare herbs will grow in this area.

Secondary Quest: Monster Slayer

At Lakeside Hut signpost, located to the north of Kaer Morhen, you will see the corpse of a drowner killed by the hands that weren’t human.


  • Find out what’s killing drowners near the lake

After getting this quest you need to find out who crushed this body. To reach your target area, go to the northeast along the lake bank and look for triangle shaped island on the map, go to the east of that area and locate a small cave.


  • Kill the troll
  • Search the troll’s lair
  • Read the letter

Inside the cave you will see a  troll, slay this monster and search the cave with witcher sense to locate the letter, after reading the letter your task will complete.

Secondary Quest: Trail of Echoes

From the North of the Keep signpost, find a wooded path leading northwest from Kaer Morhen. Follow the path at the end you will see a cave, go inside the cave, slay all enemies, explore the cave until you reached into a chamber where mutations where carried out.

Here use your witcher Sense to locate a registry tome to read and rusting experiment tables and your quest will complete here.

Secondary Quest: The Witchers Forge


  • Read a copy of the tome
  • Go to the mine near Kaer Morhen

Note: To complete this quest you need to obtain “Eye of Nehaleni” from the “Wandering in the Dark” (Main Quest).

For this quest go down to southeast tower from Main Hall of Kaer Morhen, on the way down you can find an old chest in middle of archway alcoves contains a book. Loot the book and read it and you will know about the breaking of an illusion and key.

Now to the signpost near the Old Mines, cross it and follow the path to the southwest, until you reached at old iron mine.


  • Search the mine
  • Kill the earth elemental

Now go inside the mines and inspect a rough-hewn pedestal, but you will interrupted by earth elemental, after slaying him go back to pedestal and examine it to place the book you found on this plinth.

From here go to the west, until you find a forge.


  • Search the mysterious chamber
  • Kill the Ifrit
  • Remove the illusion

Here you can see fireplace, blacksmith bellows and anvil. Interact with bellows and fire, reply what you want but mention to soul of the fire that you wish to look around and you will fight with lfirt. After killing him, Eye of Nehaleni reveals a secret compartment behind an illusion of a wall and you will complete this last quest.


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