Assassin’s Creed Origins – Plight of the Rebels Side Quest Guide

Bayek is asked to find two children who wandered away from their camp while on a treasure hunting adventure. He must first rescue the two rebels out searching for the children.

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  • Prerequisite: Available once Bayek leaves Siwa
  • Suggested Level: 40
  • Rewards: 7,500 XP

Nawa teaches class in Rematch Ra. Talk to her to learn of two missing children, who have wandered off in pursuit of Alexander the Great’s treasure. On top of that, Pharaoh’s soldiers have captured Sebni and a great warrior of the village as they searched for the kids. They are held captive at Camp Hetoimazo, to the north. That is your first objective, since they may have knowledge of the children’s whereabouts.

Exit Rematch Ra and ride north toward Camp Hetoimazo. About halfway there, a group of rebels may ride to the camp, giving you a hand in the fight. Continue north, dismounting just before the camp.

While exploring the desert, remain vigilant of the Phylake that patrols the territory (assuming you haven’t already killed the bounty hunter). He rides the main roads that you will follow throughout much of this quest. If an enemy manages to light the brazier at one of the camps, the Phylake will respond if nearby.

Camp Hetoimazo

  • Prerequisite: Approach the camp
  • Suggested Level: 39
  • Location Reward: 600 XP
  • Location Objectives: Kill one captain, loot one treasure

Sneak into the tall grass on the camp’s south side to find the cages that hold the two rebel prisoners. Before releasing them, set a trap at the brazier to eliminate the arrival of reinforcements. Set the prisoners free, and they move into the camp; no matter what you do, you must defeat the enemies.

Seek out the Level 39 captain first; put an arrow or two into the predator’s head before joining the battle. Once you clear out the camp, enter the eastern tent and collect the treasure.

Once you are done at the camp, join the two rebels to the southeast. Speak to Sebni to discover that the children could have gone to the ancient temple of Alexander the Great to the northwest or to the nearby rebel village of Theos Elpis Rift.

As the two rebels split up, follow the warrior northwest to Alexander’s Temple. Continue searching for the missing rebel children. Along the way, you learn more about the inquisitive kids they seek. Four high-level soldiers greet you and the rebel at the temple. Fend them off from horseback or hop off and take them down.

Follow the rebel through the opening in the temple to reach an investigation area among the ruins.

Alexander’s Temple

  • Prerequisite: Approach the camp
  • Suggested Level: 39
  • Location Reward: 450 XP
  • Location Objectives: Loot two treasures

Use Animus Pulse to find the clues and interact with them. Cobras appear throughout the temple grounds, so proceed cautiously. You see footprints next to the downed pillar, and children’s sandals lie near the eastern wall. Climb the wall next to the sandals to find a torn piece of cloth; investigate the ostraca next to the bench. Descend the steps. You hear a child crying out for help. The obstacle does not budge, so you must look for another way in.

Dive into the lake in front of the temple and enter the hidden tunnel in the northwestern corner. Follow the path to find the child, trapped with a group of cobras. Slay the snakes.

Speak to Hetanu and then collect the treasure that sits on the pedestal. Destroy the pots that block the moveable obstacle and then slide it into the corner. Return to Khamet with the child. Speak with him to find out Istellah was headed to Theos Elpis Rift.

Head southwest and enter the chasm to find the rebel camp. Pharaoh’s soldiers have invaded the village, so take up arms and start killing the foes.

Once the village is safe again, Sebni informs Bayek that the rival leader, Medon, has taken Istellah—possibly to Pissa Oros. Pissa Oros Citadel is a big fort in southwestern Isolated Desert. This provides two objectives for you: rescue Istellah from the fort and assassinate Medon.

Head southwest along the main thoroughfare until Camp Khoikos is within range of Senu. Send her up and find the leader Medon.

Camp Khoikos

  • Prerequisite: Approach the camp
  • Suggested Level: 40
  • Location Reward: 600 XP
  • Location Objectives: Kill one captain, loot one treasures

Medon is either inside or exiting the camp on his way toward the citadel. Bodyguards surround the leader, so take them away from the camp to limit the number of enemies it is possible that rebels have already started a fight in the camp. Once you secure the area, collect the treasure from the biggest tent on the north side.

With Medon out of the way, it is time to rescue Istellah from the citadel. Stop short of Pissa Oros Citadel and have Senu scout out the fort. Mark every enemy possible and note the hidden entrance on the south side, as well as Istellah’s location deep inside the stronghold.

Pissa Oros Citadel

  • Prerequisite: Approach the citadel
  • Suggested Level: 40
  • Location Reward: 1,500 XP
  • Location Objectives: Kill one commander and two captains, loot four treasure

You must infiltrate the fort, find the child hidden on the back of a hay wagon, and safely ride out of the enemy base. It is possible to sneak straight to Istellah, mount the cart, and speed out. You may need to pick off soldiers with your bow if too many get in the way, but this is the quick and dirty way to complete the quest. With four treasures, two captains, and a commander required to complete the location, it is well worth the time to sneak into the fort and stealthily head through the stronghold—picking off most, if not all, of the Pharaoh’s soldiers. There are plenty of arrow stands along the way for you to restock. Be sure to hide bodies and stay hidden or risk a soldier lighting the brazier.

Attacking at nighttime reduces activity in the fort, with a captain and the commander possibly asleep. One captain spends his time in the courtyard near the east corner, while the other spends much of his time in the southern portion. The commander is in or near the well-fortified, lower room in the center of the northwest side.

Once you have eliminated most of the soldiers and found Istellah, mount the cart and take an immediate left following the road through the archway. You can take out any stragglers along the way, but it is not necessary. Just be sure to stay on the path.

Follow the road out of the fort and continue to the right, alongside the fort. Follow the path straight and right at the intersections. This leads straight to a rebel camp at the southwest Viewpoint and completes the quest.



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