The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – White Orchard’s Secondary Quests Guide

In White Orchard you can get 5 secondary quests, below you can find the detail guide for all of these quests, from where you can get or start these quests and also how you can complete them will all possibilities.

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Secondary Quest: Missing in Action

You will get this quest during the main quest – “Lilac and Gooseberries” from “Dune”, you can find Dune at Ransacked Village, speak to him to start this quest.

Note: This quest becomes inaccessible once you leave for Vizima.


  • Meet Dune near the battle field

After talking to him, agree to help him to find his brother. Follow him to the northward past Crossroads, to find a recent battlefield. Speak to him again and he explains the recruits from White Orchard painted a small flower on his brother’s shield.


  • Search for Temerian shields with small white flowers painted on them

Now search the area with the witcher senses, you will find some shields, but they are not his brother, go to the southwest corner of battle field, where you will find a burned corpse with the shiled, this belongs to his brother, but the body is not his brother. Bastien is close though as Hussar (dog) picks up his master’s scent.


  • Follow the dog’s trail

Now with your Witcher Sense follow dog’s trail, which trail leads you to an overgrown cabin where you will find Bastien speaking with a Nilfgaardian. During the conversation, you will have 2 options:

  • Agree with Dune that leaving Rhosyn alive is too risky, and abandon the soldier
  • Agree with Bastien and show some nordling leniency, keeping Rhosyn alive

Make your choice and after 12 hours, Dune, Hussar, Bastien and Rhosyn have moved into a small farm south of White Orchard and your quest will complete here.

Secondary Quest: Precious Cargo

You can get this quest during the Main Quest – “Lilac and Gooseberries” or “The Beast of White Orchard”. You will get this quest from a merchant, located close to the edge of swamp south of Nilfgaardian Garrison.


  • Find the little box the merchant mentioned
  • Find where the cart left the road
  • Find the cart

Now there and talk to him, he will ask you to help him to find little box. Agree to his request and set off down the road to the objective area. As you reach into the objective area, use witcher sense and examine the cart tracks that lead off into the swamp. You should stumble upon the cart riddled with arrows.

You can find the strongbox under one of thickets. But you will learn that merchant seems to have ambushed the transport and then mislaid its spoils.


  • Return the box to the merchant

Now go back to merchant and during the conversation you can:

  • Tell him you found his box, hand it over and receive a small reward
  • Tell him you’ve seen through his lies. After an ineffectual attempt to distract you, he flees by horse

The following objectives now begin:


  • Chase down the merchant
  • Knock the merchant off his horse
  • Defeat the bandits

Now ride on your horse and chase the merchant, merchant eventually leads you into a Temerian insurgent camp he is part. Now slay all enemies along with the merchant.

But if you knocked the merchant off his horse, he reveals his true identity and why he attack on the cart. Here your quest will complete.

You can:

  • Return box to the merchant and will get 20 Novigrad Crowns
  • Strike a deal with the merchant and you will get 30 Novigrad Crowns
  • Extort the merchant and you will get 50 Crowns, 5x Celandine and 4x White Myrtle
  • Hand the merchant over to the Nilfgaardian Garrison and you will get 30 Novigrad Crowns

Secondary Quest: A Frying Pan, Spick and Span

You can get this quest during the main quest – “Lilac and Gooseberries”. To start this quest find a Locked Hut along the river bank on the path between White Orchard and Nilfgaardian Garrison.


  • Break into the locked hut

There is an old lady standing near the river bank. Talk to her and listen to her, agree to inspect hut and the strange smells coming from within to start this quest.

You can use the AARD to smash the door open.


  • Search the hut and determine what happened here
  • Return the frying pan to the old woman

Once the door is open, go inside the house and use witcher sense to discover that the victim’s throat was garroted, as well as a cracked monocle lying nearby. The pan is safe and sound. Once you find the pan, come back outside, explain to her, what you have found and the fate of the two gentlemen who tussled inside this hut.

Give her the pan and you will complete his quest.

Secondary Quest: Twisted Firestarter

You will get this quest during the main quest – “Lilac and Gooseberries” from Willis (Dwarf), a blacksmith in north of village. Talk to him and agree to help him to start this quest.


  • Use witcher sense to look for evidence about arsonist behind forge

Go behind the forge and use witcher sense to located shavings from a tinderbox and boot prints.


  • Follow the trail

As you find the boot prints, follow the trail, which continues to the east which leads you to the edge of a lake near Bridge. Here the trail will vanished, because arsonist took off his boots and waded into the water to lose the trail. Now go through under bridge and back onto the same side of the bank where a lost boot is found. After slaying the enemies, trail will continues around the bridge and footprints continue back into town, leads you into the cottage, go inside the house and with witcher sense to look the inhabitants of this cottage. Perpetrator is in bedroom behind fireplace, propped up against a wall, with witcher sense you can check the drowner marks on his arm.


  • Talk to the suspect
  • Return to the blacksmith

Now as you process and talk with arsonist, you can:

  • Drag him to Willis and claim your reward.
  • OR Agree to his pleas and claim your reward from the arsonist.

Now return to dwarf and tell him you couldn’t find anything.

Secondary Quest: Faithful Friend

You can get this quest during the Epilogue of main quest: “Something Ends, Something Begins”. After reaching at White Orchard Tavern a peasant is attempting to calm a rearing horse. Watch and the rider is jostled while the horse gallops off, usually across Woesong Bridge.


  • Catch the runaway horse

Follow the trail across the bridge where a soldier is resting with the horse. You can ask whether the fellow has been away long, the side he was on when he fought, and tell him you can see the horse, is in good hands now that his owner has returned.

A faithful friend is reunited with its master and quest will be completed.



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