Assassin’s Creed Origins – His Secret Service Side Quest Guide

Several spies have been captured, imprisoned, and tortured. Bayek must find out if any of the network remain, or the future of Egypt could be in serious danger.

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Side Quests:


  • Prerequisite: Available once Bayek leaves Siwa
  • Suggested Level: 38
  • Rewards: 2,250 XP

Chersonesos Roman Fort is a big Roman stronghold, but you can ignore it as you perform this quest. Move around to the fort’s northeast side and climb up the rock to find a few prisoners. You can release all of them, but you only need to unlock the northern small cage. This begins the quest.

Pick up the prisoner and exit out the northeast side. Stick to the fort’s fence line as you move toward the main road. As you descend the rocky levels, look for the shortest drops to limit damage.

Set the prisoner down once you near the road. He tells you of a spy list that’s in the hands of a Roman Centurion who patrols the towers on Marmarica’s eastern border.

  • Prerequisite: Approach the tower
  • Suggested Level: 38
  • Location Reward: 600 XP
  • Location Objectives: Kill one captain, loot one treasure

Follow the road up the mountain to the south. Your destination is Bemulos Roman Tower, perched atop the high peak of northeastern Marmarica.


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