Assassin’s Creed Origins – All Kyrenaika Side Quests Guide

Here is the list of all the side quests that you will start in the area of Kyrenaika, in Assassin’s Creed Origins, with complete guide, how to complete them.

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Side Quests:

Side Quest: The Flea of Cyrene

  • Prerequisite: Discover Kyrenaika
  • Suggested Level: 34
  • Reward: 2,250 XP

Dive from the Viewpoint atop the Temple of Zeus. Afterward, find the boy in the street and speak to him. Talk to the little boy Esio, who you impressed with your jump into the pool. He wants to see you do it again from another spot. Follow Esio to the street in front of the Roman bath.

Climb to the top of the Roman baths. Jump from the flagpole into the hay from the crashed cart in the street below.

Now follow him through the crowded streets to the Apollonion of Cyrene. Even more kids are trailing behind you. Now climb to the rooftop of the Temple of Apollo. Leap from the statue at the peak of the roof down into the pool of water below.

Follow Esio to the Akropolis tower. The kids stop near a small waterfall pool below a cliff, where the Akropolis tower can be seen. Climb up the waterfall rocks and then scale the walls of the Roman Akropolis. Walk to the end of the flagpole jutting from the corner of the guardhouse’s rooftop. Leap into the small waterfall pool below.

Get through the crowd of your young admirers and speak to Esio. He congratulates you and officially names you the Flea of Cyrene.

Side Quest: The Mousetrap

  • Prerequisite: Discover Kyrenaika
  • Suggested Level: 35
  • Rewards: 3,000 XP, Miscellaneous
  • Unlocks: Side Quest: Cat and Mouse

Speak to Mouse in the town square. He says he has trinkets, bows, blades, and scepters for sale at his shop and wants you to follow him there. Follow the Mouse west to his shop a short run from the square.

As you reach his shop, three Roman soldiers ambush you. Whip out the sword and slaughter them, or put them all to sleep and avoid the struggle. Assassinate them in their sleep-dart-induced slumber. Speak to the Mouse under his shop tent. He thinks the Romans stole his chest of trinkets and asks you to retrieve it for him.

Cyrene Barracks

  • Prerequisite: Approach the barracks
  • Suggested Level: 35
  • Location Reward: 900 XP
  • Location Objectives: Kill one captain and one commander, loot two treasures

Head northwest to the street on the west side of the Cyrene Barracks. Walk onto the rooftop of its westernmost building and look around. Down in the fort to the left (north), two guards are usually on break together. The captain often patrols around here too. Or you can find him in the lower courtyard to the northeast, but he won’t settle there for long. He also frequents the interior of the building you’re standing on. Before you set the brazier trap on the next rooftop, make sure none of the previously mentioned enemies see you. The same goes for the soldier standing guard to the south. Use arrows or a combination of sleep darts, arrows, or wrist blade assassinations. Once you clear the west area, you can safely venture east into the barracks.

Clear the south courtyard; there’s usually a couple soldiers here. And watch the wall walk. Put arrows in the soldiers who patrol the outer walls. The commander is very comfortable at his desk on the central building’s second floor. If you’ve cleared the soldiers almost everywhere in the lower courtyard, you could enter through most any doorway and climb the stairs to sneak up behind him and assassinate him, or you could travel by rooftops, drop down to his north balcony, and come up behind him through the second-floor entry.

Before you grab Mouse’s stash from the cellar of this building which is in the same room with one of the two treasures we suggest killing the large brute guard at the main barracks exit. You have to carry the chest out and you cannot climb ladders with it in your hands. One option is to go out the main gate. Grab the final treasure in the southeast building before you leave. Once through, the trader’s building is just 100 meters to the northeast.

Enter the trader’s building and climb the stairs to the second level, where you find Mouse at his desk. Drop the chest on the floor on the marker near the doorway to his balcony. Speak to the Mouse to complete the quest and collect your rewards.

Side Quest: Founding Father

  • Prerequisite: Discover Kyrenaika
  • Suggested Level: 35
  • Rewards: 3,000 XP

Near the Tomb of Battos, talk to the Priest Iakchos controlling a crowd of protesters. Climb up any of the tomb’s pillars. Jump through the hole in the roof to land in a shallow pool of water inside. Take the Underground Currents Papyrus Puzzle from a table against the wall and then head down the stairs into the crypt.

Inspect the two display cases on either side of the Battos statue on the back wall. There are two objects missing from the shrine: a bow and a medallion. Return upstairs, climb a wall, then crawl out of the hole in the ceiling. Send Senu up to locate the two missing items. They are inside the south section of the Roman Akropolis fort to the west.

Climb up the front, south corner wall walk, if there are no guards patrolling up there. It’s usually clear. Climb to the top of the higher wall walk. Peek over to make sure no one is patrolling nearby; if so, sneak up and assassinate them from behind. Sneak up behind the solider looking out the south window in the first guardhouse. Take arrows from inside if necessary.

Shoot the soldiers on the wall walk to the west. Use arrows or sleep darts and then assassinate them in their sleep. On the south wall walk, reach a vantage point where you can shoot an arrow through an open window and into the head of a soldier sitting in a building.

Climb up the guardhouse and set the brazier trap. If there is a guard inside this house, drop down through the ladder hole and kill him.

Head to the walk’s east edge (in front of the hiding booth) and through the opening in the railing. Shoot any soldiers in the courtyard below. Eliminate everyone you can from the courtyard now. Use the hiding booth if you trigger a search patrol. Crawl over the rooftop, drop down and enter the building through the second-floor balcony. Take the Rare warrior bow from the table. Equip it if it’s better than what you have.

Exit the building and cross the courtyard heading north to the treasure building. Climb the exterior stairs slowly and while crouched. The marked Level 35 elite soldier with the medallion is on the north terrace. He patrols this area, where there’s also a large haystack. From around the stair wall, throw sleep darts at the thief and then execute him in his sleep. Take the Medallion of the Battos.

Since you have cleared the route, retrace the steps that led you to this medallion to escape the fort. Or take your chances and run through the main south gate, mount a horse, and outrun pursuers. When out of conflict, speak to the priest at the tomb to complete the quest.

Side Quest: Pax Romana

  • Prerequisite: Complete Main Quest: The Final Weighing and Side Quest: The Good Roman
  • Suggested Level: 35
  • Rewards: 5,250 XP, Rare Hunter Bow

Talk to Diocles in town square. He asks you to get the deed to Leander’s villa, as it should be returned to the people. Travel west to the Roman Akropolis. Climb the northwest wall in the corner closest to the building with the cellar access. Defeat any nearby soldiers on the wall walk who could alert others or light a brazier. Jump down into the courtyard and defeat just enough soldiers necessary to run into the northwest building’s first-floor entryway. Once inside, follow the marker into the room on the left and drop down into the cellar hole.

Grab the Deed to Leander’s Villa from the table on the right inside the cellar cave.  Head to the building’s top floor and exit onto the balcony. Run across the rooftops and jump from the flagpole to the wall walk.

Head back the way you came and veer left as you pass through the first guardhouse. Leap from the flagpole at the corner of the wall walk into a haystack below. Now run or ride to Diocles at his home to give him the deed.

Take Diocles’s carbon crystal from his balcony table before you leave. Travel southeast to Green Mountain, where you find Vitruvius on the side of the road with some workers. Talk to him.


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