Assassin’s Creed Origins – The Matriarch Side Quest Guide

The Matriarch” is the only side quest available in Atef-Pehu Nome, While in Kerke in Atef-Pehu Nome, speak to the village leader Meritmaat.

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Side Quests:

Kerke Wharf

  • Prerequisite: Approach the Wharf
  • Suggested Level: 31
  • Location Reward: 600 XP
  • Location Objectives: Kill one captain, loot one treasure

Head northwest to the Kerke Wharf. Send Senu up to locate the hostage in one of the tents. Enter through the tall grass near a passable barricade in the water on the camp’s north side. Travel as close as possible to the dry-docked ship with the brazier on deck. A bandit patrols the deck but often walks away while a foot soldier approaches the grass near you. Assassinate the soldier in the grass; then climb up the dry-docked ship to set the brazier trap. Assassinate the bandit if he’s near it.

Drop back down to the ground on the ship’s north side and enter the Nile. Crouch-walk under the docks. A soldier may be sitting in the shallow water to the left as you pass under the docks. Assassinate him.

A ship may also dock at the pier while you are there. A good place to be if this happens is in the guard tower or underwater. Wait for the ship to sail away or silently take the crew out. Use the haystack to eliminate a couple enemies in the yard. If the bandit was not on the dry-docked boat, then he could be sitting around the fire. Lure enemies to the haystack and kill them. Assassinate the captain as he sits in his tent.

Find the hostage next to the treasure in the tent. Grab the loot and then pick up the hostage. You can carry her out of the camp the way you entered or head out through the shallow water on the south side. Drop the hostage outside the restricted zone and talk to her. She tells you the commander was going to send her off on the next opium shipment and that he’s currently on a ship somewhere.

Return to town. Follow the marker to Meritmaat’s second-floor exterior balcony, where she is waiting to see if she can call you a hero. You tell her the commander was not at the camp, but you can follow the opium shipments that should lead to him.

Travel northeast along the shoreline road. Watch the marker out in the Nile. When you get somewhat close, head to the shoreline and procure a boat. Sail toward the marker, and send Senu to locate the opium ship. Board the ship and put the biggest threat to sleep. Assassinate his comrade and then the sleeping brute. Kill the remaining soldier onboard and then locate the manifest on the table in the cabin. You learn the ship unloads in Memphis. You’ve been to Memphis already. Use a Viewpoint to travel close to the commander’s location.

Follow the marker to find the commander and a bunch of his soldiers at a dock where the opium shipments are delivered. The commander often patrols the sidewalk next to the boat. You can easily wait for him at the top of the nearby bridge and perform a drop assassination on him. Afterward, dive into the water to escape detection.

If you silently assassinated the commander, then you acquired a letter from him after killing him. If you fought with him, then you have to confirm the kill to receive the letter. In the Strange Confessions letter, you learn that he came to view Meritmaat’s daughter as his own and that she’s very much alive; he could not bring himself to kill her. Follow the marker to locate Meritmaat’s daughter walking near Nomad’s Bazaar. Speak to her.


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