Fallout 76 – The Mire – Bobblehead Locations Guide

Bobblehead is one of the most important collectible in Fallout 76, there are total 20 different Bobbleheads that you can collect across the all 6 regions. If you find one and it’s not there, it means it has been taken away or not spawn yet so keep checking.

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Below we have listed all the Bobbleheads locations with the detail so you can find it easily.

Bobblehead Locations:

Zone A: North Mire, Thunder Mountain, And Berkeley Springs

Location: Southhampton Estate

  • You can find this one on right side of the bed headboard, in the upstairs bedroom, inside the tendril-infested farmhouse.
  • You can find this one on small metal table, in the northeast corner of the upper balcony area, inside the tendril-infested red barn.

Location: Mosstown

  • You can find this one on cube-shaped metal work surface with the oven mitts, inside the Waffle shack, in the middle of the location.
  • You can find this one on metal desk with the typewriter, inside the Motel shack, in the northwest corner of the location.

Location: Dolly Sods Wilderness

  • West lodge building, inside in the upstairs bunk bedroom, on the left of the two dressers along the south wall.
  • South lodge, inside in the gift shop, on the lowest shelf of the metal counter with the green cash register on it, in front of the wall with the Nuka-Cola clock and poster.

Location: Crevasse Dam

  • Enter via the west entrance of the main building, open the first door ahead and to the left, enter the office and workroom, and check the sink in the northeast corner.
  • Located in the mainframe computer alcove, on the concrete balcony with the sandbags, on the upper part of the large pump room, inside the secondary building.

Location: Thunder Mountain Power Plant

  • At the right end, atop the black mainframe computer on the wall marked “Turbine Hall”, at corner of the corridor from Cooling Tower #2.
  • You can find this one on an explosives box, under the toxic water, in the flooded base of the giant fuel storage room.
  • In the toxic water, under the middle of five submerged trolley carts carrying yellow radiation barrels, in the flooded bottom of the smaller Fuel Storage room with the gantry ramp.
  • You can find this one in the small section of rusting hatch pipe, right in the northwestern corner of the Reactor Room.
  • You can find this one on corner mainframe computer bank, at the foot of the reactor, south side of the Reactor Room.

Location: Dyer Chemical

  • You can find this one on ground in the northeast corner, by the empty filing cabinet, across from the trapped Caps Stash, in the “welcome” office off the locker room, on the south side of the facility.
  • You can find this one on bottom of an open filing cabinet, part of a cluster of cabinets in a blue gantry maintenance hut with two giant pipes on the east wall, in the northwestern upper storage warehouse area.
  • You can find this one in southwest corner, at the base of a vertical steel girder and metal work surface, inside the main storage area, just left of the Chemistry Station and Nuka-Cola machine.
  • You can find this one in a small blue tray-crate (with other trays) in the northwest upper-level corner, left of the top of the gantry stairs, above the locked door to the sewers, in the Sewer Maintenance Building.

Location: Berkeley Springs West

  • You can find this one on ornate table, inside the ruined upper chamber in the castle mansion, accessed via the scaffolding.

Location: Berkeley Springs

  • You can find this one on small, two-shelf table with a bottle on it, outside on the tiered rock outcrop, below the hotel and behind city hall, near the white wooden steps and bathtub.
  • You can find this one on television stand, in the southwest corner of the blue wallpapered apartment above Graviano’s Italian Eatery.

Location: Treehouse Village

  • You can find this one in fridge, on the Bar platform, east side of the village.
  • Located behind support post, near the sleeping bag and dark red sofa, in the platform shack with the two birdhouses in it.
  • Located behind metal crate with the ammo crate on top of it, near the blue rocket ship rug, in the plane wing platform, north west side of the village.

Location: Haven Church

  • Can be found on desk next to Skig’s Terminal, in the hallway office.

Zone B: South Mire, Harpers Ferry, And Tanagra Town

Location: Hawke’s Refuge

  • You can find this one on cardboard box, by a wooden wall section (and orange tool box) and Can Chimes, as on the way into the second cavern, on the upper level.
  • Near a half-buried Nuka-Cola crate, in the cave alcove camp with the sleeping bag, in the northwest end of the refuge.

Location: Sunday Brothers’ Cabin

  • You can find this one at base of the small weathervane cupola, on the roof of the large red barn.

Location: Tanagra Town

  • You can find this one on headboard of the master bedroom bed, in the collapsed dark gray house with the moonshine still in the bathtub and the Giddyup Buttercup on the main floor, located at the summit of the massive town tangle.

Location: Big B’s Rest Stop

  • Under the mattress bed, on the roof of the Super Duper Mart building, below the “R” of the sign.

Location: Valley Galleria

  • You can find this one on display case above the wall safe, on the left side of Big Steve’s Sporting Goods, in the alcove area behind the main display cases.
  • You can find this one on long metal light fixture, in the small corridor of the locked and trapped changing rooms, inside Valley’s Boutique.
  • You can find this one on wheelchair located between the tree and trash can, on the upper balcony in the northwestern corner of the Galleria.

Location: Treetops

  • Located by sleeping bag, orange tool cabinet, and small side dresser, east of the bowling pins.
  • Can be found in the center of the bowling pins.
  • You can find this one on tiny platform with the red Garden Gnome, south of the bowling pins.
  • You can find this one on small writing desk with the typewriter and tea kettle, located near a traffic cone, on the platform with the rugs and wood blocks.

Location: Camp Venture

  • You can find it between 2 small chimneys on the roof of the Brotherhood of Steel Storage Cabin.
  • You can find this one on floor between the metal work table and the Weapons Workbench, inside the Storage Cabin.
  • This one is hidden in grass between two green plastic barrels, located near the latched containers by the low gantry ramp up to the Command Center door.

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