Fallout 76 – Cranberry Bog – Bobblehead Locations Guide

Bobblehead is one of the most important collectible in Fallout 76, there are total 20 different Bobbleheads that you can collect across the all 6 regions. If you find one and it’s not there, it means it has been taken away or not spawn yet so keep checking.

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Below we have listed all the Bobbleheads locations with the detail so you can find it easily.

Bobblehead Locations:

 Zone A: North Bog, Robco Research Center, And Abandoned Bog Town

Location: Kerwood Mine

  • Near a support strut and wooden crate located in a mine alcove before you descend into the water, close to a junction with an explosive caniste.
  • Near a support strut and ammo box, in a small dead-end alcove, southeast of the main mine tracks, just above the cave-in that blocks the track tunnel.
  • Can be found inside “effluent hole”, inside a green plastic outhouse, underwater on the metal platform, in the flooded cavern with the huge yellow extractor fan on the ceiling.
  • This one is hidden with the wood crate, explosive canister, yellow crate trolley, and netted crates, close to an orange forklift, southwest of the red trunk, in the Junction Cavern.

Location: Firebase Major

  • Located inside green tent, by the sleeping bag.

Location: Mac’s Farm

  • You can find this one on a wooden barrel, inside the muddy ruined moonshine barn by the cranberry pond.

Location: The General’s Steakhouse

  • You can find this one on shelf of the short bookcase, just right of the trunk, in the upper balcony area, in the northwest corner of the main interior restaurant area.
  • You can find this one on small crate with a green suitcase and barrel, in the middle of the roof.

Location: RobCo Research Center

  • Located under red wrist sill of a mainframe computer, at the south end of the locked laboratory, in the research wing.
  • Can be found in bottom desk shelf under the terminal, in the office just left of the Protectron pod, on the western side of upper curved balcony chamber.
  • Can be found in south corner, by the locked safe, to the right of the elevator, in the upper laboratory area.

Location: The Thorn

  • By the green footlocker and wood crate, at the back of the green tent.

Location: Forward Station Alpha

  • You can find this one on metal shelf, in the rear-left corner of the green tent.

Location: Ranger District Office

  • Near Ranger Simon’s Terminal, on the filing cabinet or the floor, near the locked safe (3) in the northwest office.

Location: Ranger Lookout

  • You can find this one below desk at the top of the lookout tower.

Location: Bootlegger’s Shack

  • Located behind wooden crates in the northwest corner, just left of the Armor Workbench.
  • Can be found under the shack, on the workman’s tool board, by the restroom in the chem lab.

Location: Quarry X3

  • You can find this one on metal desk inside the orange-and-white metal caravan with the flag outside.

Location: Pylon V-13

  • You can find this one on a yellow tub, in the monorail cockpit, in the monorail suspended from the rails.

Location: Old Mold Quarry

  • You can find this one on filing cabinet by the central desk, located inside metal maintenance hut with the Weapons Workbench in it.

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